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Chris Parker Signature range of 
Negative rake scrapers in collaboration with 


All the tools in this collection are available in Carbon steel & High Speed Steel.

So the actual cutting is done with a burr that is produced when sharpening the tool. This burr typically last around

30 to 40 seconds, when used correctly, (gently) any further work carried out using the tool is purely the acute angle of

the edge that is then on the wood, so the actual cutting edge needs to be touched up roughly every 30 seconds .

All tools are made, hardened by the world renowned tool maker Ashley Iles, here in the UK.
The process starts with Tony Pewton, who is the Blacksmith who has been with the firm 25+ years.

He forges and straightens the steel. 
If there is any Power Hammer work to be done, this is

done by Paul Gauntlett who is a 40 year veteran of

hand-grinding and finishing  of tools. 
If Paul is busy on the Hammer then it is left to Jon Odlin to do the grinding, finishing and sharpening and he has 35 years experience of this. Jon also handle's, sets and sharpens all the tools. 
Our apprentice Craig, is currently being taught all the trades within the factory. 
Finally, Maureen Bates wraps, packs and dispatches the orders.

Christine Iles is the company secretary and the wife of Tony Iles who is the owner of the company.  As you have read above this is totally hands on ,family run business.

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