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Nigel Griffin - Texturing and Power carving courses.

My name is Nigel Griffin and I have been doing wood turning for the last 35 years but due to work more off than on.

I have done some texturing but when I saw an advert for a 4 week one hour course on Zoom using the Sorby Texturing Tool, I booked it straight away as it was with Chris Parker

a very accomplished wood turner.

While I was on this course, Chris told me about another course he was running using power tools to produce texture.  This was outside my experience so I asked Chris lots of questions and advice. He was amazing and ever willing to set up a zoom link to show me work he had accomplished and cutters I would need to purchase.  I did the first of these classes on Sunday 9th May  from 5 until 7pm . This was using a Proxon Mini Grinder with various carbide cutters. Finally I fitted a 2" diameter cutter with chainsaw teeth around it. I textured the rim of a 13" bowl and  achieved some amazing textured effects. Having thoroughly enjoyed the 1st of these power tool courses I am really looking forward to the next 2 in 2 weeks and 4 weeks time.

If you want to learn texturing you will not find a more knowledgeable tutor who is so willing to explain and demonstrate his vast knowledge.    Nigel Griffin North  Devon

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online zoom tuition review

I took a one-on-one half day video class on how to use the arbortech mini for ornamentation of turned objects.  The class was an excellent guided hands-on approach to learning.

As this lesson was over video I appreciated all the cameras set to show different views of what Chris was doing. It might have been even better than being there. 
Chris is an enthusiastic and creative artist who is also an excellent teacher.  He teaches by demonstrating, explaining, and then providing feedback on my work which I found super useful. He was very patient and helpful with all my questions and trials. He was full of detailed information on any question I asked on the practices, techniques, tools, process, etc.  This made the class pretty much customized to what I was interested in learning about.

The class gave me all the know how I could consume to go apply and go develop the skills I want. 
The class opened a door for me and left me wanting to take another class with further topics in refinement and painting.

I recommend you taking a Chris class regardless of what level you are at. I look forward to taking another class with Chris soon! 

Michael M
Boston, MA USA

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