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Woodturners retreat 

As one of the founding members of the Woodturners retreat I thought a little background information  was needed.

The year 2020  was a year like no other and will never be forgotten.

The  Pandemic of COVID-19  gripped the whole world.

The pandemic forced the World, ONLINE  from regular household shopping to billion £££ companies. Also including

the craft and woodturning community.

So woodturning demonstrators, myself included rapidly put together a studio so we could broadcast to the world via ZOOM which would become one of the most used words of 2020.

I was allready a member of a online woodturning club under the name of WOODTURNING ZOOM which was set up

by Martin Clarkson.

Early October I approached Ron Campell who ran a physical event called CAMPELLS HANDS ON RETREAT which due to the Covid-19 pandemic had to be cancelled along with every small and large event around the world .

Ron campell & myself set about creating a online PRE-RETREAT. I contacted Martin Clarkson and asked him to host the

pre-retreat event.

At this time I approached Jeff Hornung A woodturning demonstrator from the US to join us at the Retreat and so a small group  of us formed the retreat.

So with organization of the retreat well under way I spoke with Martin, Ron

& Jeff about a much bigger Retreat. We came up with a  list of potential 


 and after contacting them all we were happy to go ahead with 

   Kade Bolger, Joanne Sauvageua  both from Canada.

  Tod Raines from the US & Stewart Furini from the UK


Our first event 


Dec 12th 5pm uk time              


After a great but hurried first event we were very happy with how things worked out . We had some things to change & improve upon. As a group we decided upon Three double header events which were relatively successful,

All of this was completely new ground for us as a group we as individuals had all done physical in club demos. We were using the ZOOM platform in a way it hadn't been used before in the Woodturning community .

The last of the double headers were in march we decided on our next event ,We had a break of about four weeks .  

The end of may beginning June we got back together to sort the event  projects out and some other changes we wanted to implement as to the actual format of the event.  We agreed on the new format it worked really well  alongside promotional activity, the last few weeks before our six turners event were just crazy busy, from prepping demo pieces, advertisin & meetings to decide on running order of the event.

Thanks so much to everybody that made this six turners event the best yet. and not forgetting our zoom host Martin Clarkson who I don't have a photograph for lol. 

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